Sport Trainer Induction

Sport Trainer Induction

  • By - Andrea Houghton
  • 24 February, 2020

 Become a Sports Trainer in Perth

How to Become a Sports Trainer in Perth

For those who are interested in joining our growing sport trainer team you are welcome to contact us anytime! 

Sport trainers are on-field safety officers who work hard to make community and professional sports as safe as possible for all athletes! 

The job scope is wide and has a pivotal role in helping players manage new or existing injuries by providing first aid and immediate on-field intervention. 

As a Sports Trainer you will be managing injured athletes by administering various First Aid Principles, Sports Taping and working alongside coaches, managers and Physiotherapists.

You will be responsible in ensuring that players are well hydrated and drinking correctly, providing front-line response should an injury happen, transporting injured athletes and coordinating contemporaneous medical services and ensuring that players comply with sporting codes, particularly when it comes to regulations around a particular sport.  

Job Requirements

  • Willingness to receive on the job training and working in team environments
  • Senior First Aid & Resuscitation
  • Police Clearance Check
  • Working With Children Check
  • Smart Phone with Internet Connection (Android or Apple)
  • Transport or Means of Travelling around Perth

Other Requirements (Optional)

  1. Sports Trainer Certification (Level 1-3)
  2. Bachelor of Sports Management, Exercise Science, Bachelor of Medicine

Most sports trainers are currently undergoing degrees in Physiotherapy, Sport Science, Nursing, Chiropractic. These are individuals seeking to find a job that would compliment their university learning. 

When Do I Have to Be Available for Work?

As you will be in a sporting setting/ environment; the job will require you to be alongside athletes during their scheduled training nights or games! 

Most Common Work Times are:

Mon or Tues or Wed or Thurs: 530-8pm

Saturday 9-5PM (Depending on Game Schedule)

Occasional Sunday 9-5Pm (Depending on Game Schedule)

What can I earn as a Sports Trainer?

Sport Trainers with the HSS Team are remunerated on a contractor or casual basis! 

  • On-The Job Learning (Non Renumerated)
  • Trainee $18/Hr
  • Sport Trainer $20/Hr
  • Senior Trainer $25/Hr
  • Team Leader $35/Hr

I'm Interested Now What?

If all of the above interests you, feel free to contact our sporting coordinator or send us a message here

Or Reach out to us on Facebook! 

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We'll organise an interview time so we can get to know you! And determine if this position is suitable for you! 

Our Sport Trainer Taping Workshop

Induction Details:

If you are eligible for the position! Feel free to checkout our links to assist you in becoming a HSS Sports Trainer. 

Taping Techniques

Every great trainer becomes one with Sporting Tape! Be sure to familiarise yourself with taping and get plenty of practice before your first gig! 

Taping Techniques can be Downloaded for Free Here

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The App Notion is regularly used by all of our trainers for Scheduling, Updating Player Injuries and Team Communication! 

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