Sports Trainer Student Program with ECU University

Healthcare Supplies and Solutions (HSS) runs a student Sports Trainer Program for ECU students seeking ESSA practicum hours under the "Sports Training" umbrella.

The program takes place at various local sporting clubs in Perth.

Upon committing, we offer students a guaranteed Placement slot for Sports Training (Estimated 6 Hours a week) over the course of a sporting season.

Sport Trainer Program Requirements:

  • First Aid Certificate.
  • Working with Children Check.
  • Ability to travel to club/ game locations independently.
  • Cert in Sports Training Preferred; however not necessary.
  • Responsibility in maintaining code of conduct
Commitment to attend club training nights
Training nights are held typically on a Tuesday & Thursday night 6-8PM'..
Trainers are required to attend training nights on 'Tues and/or Thurs'

Commitment to attend club games

Games are commonly held on 'Saturdays'

They can go on for 2-3 hour blocks per game (Depending on roster this may vary in times. e.g from 9am-11am ; 1250pm-2pm etc.)

Students are required to be present for a minimum of One Game on the weekend.

Students are expected to be responsible in being present for the teams they are assigned to and allocate time for the team each week.

Note that Individual club Schedules may vary.
As there are multiple sporting clubs attached to the program, students may enjoy the benefits of:
  • Chances of Being Placed at Sporting Venues (Rugby, Footy, Soccer, Cricket, etc.)
  • Possibility of working alongside different health disciplines.
Read more about the HSS Vision for the Sporting Community of Perth

Placements are limited; Sign up as soon as possible

Contact James Sitas

Phone Contact: 0451 661 793
To express your interest, Mention "ECU Sports Trainer"