Our Annual Community and Awards Night!

Over the years we are proud to be able to provide Health Services and Sponsorship for various sporting organizations and teams in Western Australia.

Our Sponsorship and Services Ranges from:

  • Cash Sponsorships
  • Services Sponsorship
  • Apparel, Sports Management
  • Sport Trainer/ First Aid Services
  • On Field/ Clinical Services
  • Virtual Clinics for Sporting Clubs 

During this night we will be presenting: 

  • Awards to Players and Clubs
  • Our Mission to improve Community Sports in WA
  • Our Fundraising Efforts for Community Clubs 
  • Our Fundraising Efforts for Community Sports 
  • Our Charitable Efforts for Neurological Research 
  • Our Mission to Raise Awareness for Neurological Conditions

For Current Partner Organizations, Clients & Friends. It will be a night to network and learn more about what we have been working towards as a healthcare network.

For those who are new to us! We hope to get to know you and your organization better - and see if we can work together! 

For those seeking sponsorship/ partnership opportunities - Let's see if we connect and can take the discussion about a working partnership/ sponsorship further!  


 If you are unable to make it and would like to get in-touch with our team: Feel free to contact us here.